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Read MoreCrypto technology blockchain technology it's revolutionizing the way we live and one crypto that is coming up for a pre-sale right now it hasn't launched yet it's called ecoterra it's using blockchain to basically revolutionize big aspects of the economy right now so big focus on recycling big focus on climate change and we're going to be.

Talking about this crypto in this video so exactly what is this crypto bringing out to the market who is on the team of this crypto project as well what's on the road map of this crypto so what's coming up in the future and what else is in store for this cryptocurrency so if you guys enjoy learning about these new cryptos before they even launch from the.

Market make sure to hit the Thumbs Up Button this one is a sponsored look at ecotero but as always not Financial advice but I hope you guys are enjoying the journey so far and the first thing I have to point out is you know the pre-sale for this crypto is going very very well right now so they've already raised over four million dollars in the.

Pre-sale rounds there are different stages of this pre-sale and uh you know things are going extremely well for this crypto already and I have to point out also this crypto it does have a fully identifiable team so sometimes on the channel we're checking out meme coins sometimes there may not be a team associated with the project this.

Cryptocurrency you can see all the team members right here they'll have LinkedIn accounts and there's actually quite a big team so there's six people working on this crypto that I can see from the website but uh looks like they have some very very professional backgrounds as well so you have mahai right here he's the CEO of the project and uh he's.

Coming out of Romania right now and if we learn a little bit more about him he has a massive focus in our digital marketing as well so digital marketing experience right there and we also have some other very big people working on this cryptocurrency project CSO CEO blockchain developer software developer marketing manager as well but let's.

Learn more about this crypto project since we've had a quick look at the team right there so it does say right here ecoterra a blockchain ecosystem for user Awards and come from the action on climate change so massive focus on our basically crypto technology climate change and uh using you know blockchain technology as a bit of an ecosystem to.

Potentially you know provide more innovation in this space so that does sound pretty exciting right there all in one recycle to earn app featuring recycling tokens and ecology actions recycled materials and carbon offset marketplaces and more for empowering companies and rewarding consumers so that is sounding cool and you may also.

Notice the whole entire world is Shifting more to renewable energy right now so recycling renewable energy that is a big focus on uh the world economy and this is exactly where this cryptocurrency is looking to kind of position itself within the crypto market right now and you can see right here some aspects of the ecosystem so recycle.

To earn application earn eco-terror for your eco-friendly actions with our reward to earn app where every recyclable item equals an amount of ecotero so that is cool so potentially if you recycle in the real world using this ecosystem you get rewarded in the form of the cryptocurrency so some nice utility rewards right there in addition.

They're also going to have a carbon offset Marketplace so make a tangible impact on the environment by offsetting your carbon footprint using ecotero or other cryptocurrencies so that sounds exciting as well so carbon offset Marketplace and also recycled materials Marketplace so Empower your business sustainability efforts by purchasing.

Recycled plastic using ecoterror or other cryptocurrencies right there and also impact TR impact trackable profile so track your positive impact actions environmentally friendly practices to improve your brand image and increase your customer loyalty so basically huge focus in on recycling recycle to earn carbon offsets and also the.

Cryptocurrency itself so the ecoterra crypto I'd consider this one as a utility crypto so again this cryptocurrency is going to be at the heart of this ecosystem and that does sound very exciting right here and in addition this crypto has also done an audit and kyc with cersec which is one of the best auditing crypto service.

Providers in the crypto space so that is a nice security signal as well for this crypto and right here you can have potentially a bit of a preview of the application so they will be you know building up real utility software applications looks like this is coming onto mobile phones right here and uh impact profile recycled market and.

Materials Marketplace bit of a preview right there carbon offset Marketplace as well you can see a bit of a preview in the backgrounds and they basically go through all the details and uh potentially also integration of AI so gain access to our AI powered database for awarding your customers with ecoterra so that sounds very very.

Exciting and again recycled materials Marketplace and the carbon offset Marketplace but huge amount of details coming up for this and again and they are making this ecosystem extremely uh easy for people to learn and also use so you can scan the codes of uh plastic and glass bottles right there you can then go find the recycling machine you know.

Put in the details right there and uh recycle in the machine right there using the application and then you get then you can earn so you can earn this cryptocurrency through this so again this is basically looking to be a utility play in the crypto space so no so much a meme cryptocurrency this one is a straight utility focused on green.

Energy focused on recycling as well and again they do have that big team and if we do jump into the roadmap they do have a very big road map so as always feel free to um read through all these details yourself it's like 50 pages long super detailed right here but just for the purpose of this video I just want to highlight some key stuff so you can see.

A breakdown of the tokenomic allocation so right now there is pre-sales there is a pre-sale running it is running in stages as well so the pre-sell is up that is the tokenomic allocation for the pre-sale so 50 ecosystem liquidity 20 listings 10 marketing 10 5 sent for the team five percent for corporate adoption right there and there you can see some.

Vesting as well so there's no vesting on the presale once the pre-sale is over uh there is going to be some vesting on the ecosystem also marketing and if they can get onto centralized exchanges that's also going to be very bullish so no bursting right there so they have those tokens unlocked for centralized exchanges and also you know investing on.

The team tokens as well and the corporate adoption and if we do take a look at the uh the roadmap for this crypto again we are checking it up pretty much at its earliest phase right now so it's in the it's in the pre-sale phase right now and uh in addition it will be going live in the future so it's not live right yet they're doing some.

Big development in the background for this crypto so building out some huge things but the presale will look to close in Q3 2023 and you can claim the tokens right then and then it will be on to exchanges so can it get onto some big crypto exchanges that's going to be very very exciting for this cryptocurrency and then it's going to be more and more.

Development utility build out for this crypto corporate Partnerships plus a lot more and this one will be running on the ethereum network and it will have a total supply of 2 billion right there and you can see for this crypto it has been going very well so the stages have been selling out for this crypto pre-sale and right now it is up to stage.

Stage seven right now so the current price is 0.0085 per ecoterror token and uh to participate in the pre-sale as always you know make sure to do your own research make your own decisions there is a telegram Twitter Discord as well for more information you can ask questions to the team inside the.

Telegram and Discord Etc and right now you can participate in the pre-sale should you wish right here on the website you should connect your wallet and you will need like a metamask or coinbase swallow or other types of wallets where you can do it and you can use ethereum or usdt or potentially you could use card as well but that is what.

You'll need to figure out and need to learn on how to buy they do have a guide as well on how to buy it as well if you need extra instructions but guys that is a very exciting look at ecoterra new cryptocurrency see getting launched in the future if you guys enjoyed me bringing you these videos before they launch make sure to hit the Thumbs Up.

Button thank you guys for watching the video and I'll see you guys in the next one crypto Zeus signing out

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