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Read MoreHey what is up investors jason here so as the day is progressing we're seeing more green over in the crypto market absolutely love that and we're seeing some of these all coins really start to pump now what we're going to be talking about today is litecoin doing technology litecoin doing a price prediction so uh let's get into this so as we do if you.

Don't mind please do me a huge favor please be sure to smash destroy annihilate or just gently press that like button helps me out a lot with the algorithm i'll spread the content to where you build on my finding in screen and subscribe and push that bell notification if you have not already now let's get to it.

so litecoin is right under ethereum classic as far as crypto market cap goes its 21st largest cryptocurrency by market cap so it's a real popular one amongst people that invest in all coins and on this particular day looking over at coin market cap it is up a little bit more than five percent at this time.

And i don't really hear anybody ever talk about litecoin as far as doing technical analysis so uh though i will make sure i put this in the queue and make sure that i keep these updates on litecoin as well so anybody that's watching this who likes like coin uh i will continue talking about it because well one my dad.

Actually invests in the litecoin and he's he's really big on it and my dad's you know he's a senior citizen he's he's like in his 60s so anyways uh so anyways let's get into this right now so what we have going on is that we have this this current pump going on and within our corrective wave so let's first just look at our use.

Elliott wave theory look at the the five waves that we have that have gone down here so starting first with on august 14th or litecoin was around 66 dollars and then take that all the way down to our fifth wave where we had seen it i hit the bottom here at the price of around 51.52 dollars around there so now we're.

Within our corrective wave right now at this time so now within our corrective wave just do the simple abc and what we have is we don't know where the c wave is going to go but right now i mean it's in the works it could continue.

Rising up and we could end up seeing this correct all the way back up to that fibonacci level take us all the way around to the price of 60 dollars and then we might see some pullback from there or there's also that possibility that we can see these big pumps happen like what we're seeing at around the end.

Of july where we could see the price pump through these next two fibonacci levels and then work its way back to that price that we're at a couple weeks ago and then just completely retrace you know those recent losses that we had that would be a really good case scenario if that was to happen we're definitely seeing the workings of.

This pump right now here on this four hour chart we could see these long candlesticks as we were really trying to get through that that fibonacci level and now like that is broken through that if it can keep following this path really follow that steve wave prediction of going up to that uh that next fibonacci level from.

Here then that would be absolutely awesome there's a lot really driving crypto right now i mean one we have cardone just launching on on robinhood we have the cardinal hard forks that's a big thing for crypto that's going on right now a lot of people are bullish about that we have the ethereum merge also coming around the same time that.

The vassal hard fork for cardano is complete so many people excited about that with ethereum and then we have just so many uh different things to come out with both those two different cryptocurrencies and uh we're we're possibly going to hear a lot with what's going on.

This month with one interest rates inflation you know multiple factors that can really turn things around in the month of september so i'm going to keep following what's going on litecoin i really think that maybe we might be seeing the price of litecoin going to that 60 price here within this wave and.

I'll keep following this and i'll keep doing the different i'll keep using elliott wave theory on here and give you guys some really amazing price predictions if i can so anyways with that being said please like share comment subscribe new content coming out all the time i will see you all in the next one coming very soon.

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