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BTC MASSIVE PUMP (Should You BUY NOW?) Bitcoin News Today – Bitcoin Price Prediction – Bitcoin 2022

Read MoreHello guys welcome back to a new video today we have a video about Bitcoin and we're going to be talking about the next possible targets for the price of this coin as well as my Bitcoin price prediction and why this chart is showing that Bitcoin is super bullish right now and the bottom might be in guys which is good for Bitcoin but also good for the.

Whole crypto space in general and this might be the best time to invest in crypto so if you're interested about this make sure to stay until the end of the video and let's get started first of all guys if you want to join the signals group so you can make a lot of money guys trading crypto we have an 85 percent win rate on the cygnus group.

Since it started and we also have a nine weeks win streak right now guys as you can see this was a trade that I posted today at 12 13 PM with an entry price on bitcoin at 19 730 guys and tp1 tp2 tp3 and tp4 were hit in less than an hour at 105 PM so if you want to join that for a 20 off on your first month make sure to take advantage of that right now because.

The offer is going to end this week so just private message me on Discord or Telegram and I will give you all the information and give you the promo code so you can join today okay guys so moving on with the Bitcoin technical analysis and the next possible targets the Bitcoins right now trading at twenty thousand one hundred and thirty seven.

Dollars and we see that it broke Above This previous resistance that we had on the four hour chart which was a very strong resistance level for Bitcoin guys and right now we broke above it with a lot of bullish momentum the next Target for Bitcoin will be these daily resistance area guys that we have between twenty thousand three hundred.

And fifty three dollars and twenty thousand five hundred and fifty dollars if Bitcoin can break above that level which we can see that it has been resistant several times in history the next resistance will be twenty thousand seven hundred and sixty four dollars where Bitcoin found support three times before dropping and also resistance on.

These candles right here as well as resistance back here um so that would be a strong resistance now that we are um trading below it and if Bitcoin can reclaim also this level of support most likely the next targets will be twenty one thousand and eight hundred dollars for the price of Bitcoin and even twenty one thousand nine hundred and forty.

Eight dollars as this was a previous resistance um or the next resistance that Bitcoin had back in um August and July and June guys right so those are going to be the price targets for Bitcoin to the upside now of course this um upside level right here of twenty one thousand and eight hundred dollars us will only come into play if Bitcoin can.

Break above twenty thousand and seven hundred or eight hundred dollars all right now in the short term price prediction guys on the four hour short if you put a Fibonacci from the swing low over here guys to the swing high of Bitcoin right now you can see that the golden zone of the Fibonacci is um the 382 and the 618.

And this is sitting right now at the previous resistance that we had on bitcoin guys this overall four hour resistance area which means that even if Bitcoin gets rejected right now guys and comes back down as long as it doesn't go below 19 500 and closes a four hour candle below that level Bitcoin is still going to be looking bullish why because.

If we close a four hour candle below nineteen thousand five hundred dollars most likely we're going to be losing the 618 of the Fibonacci which is the last level of the golden Zone in the FIB and we're also going to be losing this previous level of resistance which is supposed to be acting as support and if we go below 19500 it is going to be.

Resistance once again and most likely push the price back down for BTC but as long as we stay above that price most likely it is going to have a continuation to this next level and it is going to stay bullish for the next couple of hours and days if we don't um if we break below 19 500 most likely you can expect eighteen thousand nine.

Hundred and thirty one dollars it is simple right now we're bullish as long as we are above that price simple as that all right so moving on with this chart that we have over here guys we have Bitcoins triangle guys that we use broke above it I was talking about this on my previous live stream and also a VTC video guys we have never closed a.

Daily candle Above This resistance train line and we did it right here with this green candle right there guys that was a massive bullish candle that we closed in there also coming in um from the support level that we had over here in the daily chart so that was a great sign that Bitcoin was going to push to the upside and while everyone else on the market.

And YouTube was calling 14k 16k 11k or 10K we have been saying for a couple months already that this was the bottom for Bitcoin and this is giving me um the reason right now because now a lot of YouTubers are flipping bullish right and they were calling 10K last week taken now they're calling 25k right like for example because I have seen.

Many of them flipping bullets right now um after they were super perished last week so we have been um staying with our prediction that this was a battle for Bitcoin and right now it is looking super bullish guys breaking outside of this triangle we also have we had low volatility on the one hour chart guys it went up meaning that this.

Is a strong move to the offset guys volatility is following this momentum to the upside we also have stochastic aiming to the upside same thing on the two hour chart guys coming from low volatility started to expand um you can see the same at three hour short four hour short guys moving to the upside six hour chart to the outside 12.

Hour shot guys still a little bit low but it's above 20 right now guys that's a great sign meaning that this is going to be a powerful movement to the upside if we can close at around this area um in The Daily Show guys most importantly it is aiming to the offset right now of course we haven't gotten out from low volatility but if Bitcoin.

Can close today above 20 000 that's going to be extremely extremely bullish for the price of BTC and most likely push it to the offside today's chart also has low volatility aiming to the upside right now as well guys with of course this momentum that we're having to the upside and the two-day chart is about to close today in five hours and.

45 minutes alongside with the daily candle so this can be massively massively bullish for Bitcoin in general we also see daily momentum and stochastic to the offside same thing on the true day guys three day to the upside five day cross to the upside guys bullish momentum and weekly short guys the weekly is having a crush to the.

Offside of course we still have a couple days until the weekly can close but that's a great sign for this week guys if this week can close with a cross um can close with a cross to the upside on the stochastic guys that's going to be massively bullish for BTC last time that we had a cross between went from 19 200 all the way up to twenty five thousand.

Dollars so you get the point right there and also volatility is low on the weekly if we can start expanding with an offside momentum and expand volatility to the offside that would be extremely bullish as well for Bitcoin so everything is aiming for us to being right of why this was the bottom for BTC not only because the pi cycle bottom was.

Flashing right here guys which we have seen it two times in history as you can see in here this was the third time in history where we saw this pie cycle bottom flashing and it is right now um proving that we are maybe right with that pie cycle bottom and no one saw this on the crypto Market in general not influenza I didn't.

See any influencer talking about this and we also have the 200 SMA which I didn't see any influencers talking about this neither on the weekly shot guys this has always called the bottom it called the back here called it in here guys and now we touched the 200 weekly SMA exactly at 17 000 am 500 right there guys when Bitcoin drop and that's why I.

Think that that was the bottom for BTC so make sure that you subscribe guys hit the like button guys if you want more videos like this make sure to join the Discord the link is in the description that is it for today guys make sure to stay safe and make money on the crypto market and take advantage of that 20 off that you can get today to join their.

Signals group um right now guys all right so use private message me and I will give you more information about it thank you so much and have a great day bye-bye

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